The Good Fight:

Make Better Choices.

We exist to enable a world where businesses become Partners In Change and give back in all actions, interactions and transactions through innovative marketing, advertising & communication.

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You Can Make A Difference-

You Can Make A Difference-

You Can Make A Difference-

Our First Fight:

Video Advertising That Gives Back

Donate each 15 second video view

A small donation is made by our Partners In Change for every view over 15 seconds on their Watch To Donate advertising campaigns with The Good Fight. 

Improve your audience engagement

90% of users find ads annoying, so let’s make it better for the people engaging with them. We’ve found audiences are 8x more likely to watch your video to the end!

Tangible corporate fundraising

Bake sales don’t cut it anymore. Watch To Donate is a win for everyone as you can make donations whilst also meeting your campaign goals. 

Improve your reputation

84% of consumers think it’s important that businesses support charities. Our Watch To Donate advertising campaigns let your audience be a part of that; they’ll love you for it. 

Empower users seeking better

Because you’re here, you must be in the business of making change. In which case, your audience probably is too. Give them the power to engage with something good.

Do social good

We are seeing a change towards responsible business that gives back to our communities; if you aren’t taking action for social good, you’ll be left behind.

Businesses, are you ready to make some change?

The Good Fight Is For:

Businesses To Partners In Change

Business practices have long contributed to the negative impact on people and the planet; it is our collective responsibility to lead change for the future.

Become A Partner In Change

Change Maker Charities

Elevate your platform as a stakeholder in society. Change the narrative from handouts to collaboration for a common goal.

Make Change As A Charity

From Consumers To Community

As ‘consumers’, we all interact and transact with businesses everyday; we need to ensure they meet our needs as a sustainable society.

Demand More As A Community

Charity is to will and do what is just and right in every transaction

Emmanuel Swedenbord

We exist to create a positive onwards outcome for every action, interaction and transaction.

Nic TelfordCEO & Co-Founder, The Good Fight
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