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Let’s normalise demanding more tangible action from the business community with mutual conversations and arrangements. Bake sales don’t cut it anymore.

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We have to find imaginative ways of engaging with companies

Corporate Fundraising: A snapshot of current practice in the UK non-profit sector.Institute Of Fundraising 2015

Are You Wondering

If You Can Make More From

Corporate Fundraising?

Watch To Donate Model

We want charities and causes to have an equal footing in the boardroom. That means changing the conversation from ‘handouts’ to mutually beneficial proposals. Our Watch To Donate model allows businesses to meet their advertising goals whilst donating to your cause.

Tangible Support From Business

‘Charity Of The Year’ partnerships are great, especially for businesses looking for a CSR angle; but how many actually provide your charity with actual funds to continue your good work? Bake sales just don’t cut it anymore.

Less ‘Handout’. More Benefit.

Your corporate fundraisers are having to get clever and innovative in how they ask for money from businesses. This usually means giving more away, in time or resource. What if you can offer them something in return?

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