Watch To Donate campaign generates

£500 for The Marmalade Trust


At The Good Fight, we undertook our own Watch To Donate video awareness campaign, supporting The Marmalade Trust; a Bristol based charity doing incredible work dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness and helping people make new friendships.

As a new proposition, looking to shake up the one way street of advertising-as-usual, we are dedicated to practicing what we preach, and that includes using our model ourselves. 

Our goal was to raise awareness to audiences about the opportunity to engage with adverts that give back to charity & our communities. 

If you saw our campaign on Facebook, you will have also seen a follow up message from Amy Perrin, CEO & Founder of the Marmalade Trust thanking you for your time engaging with our campaign and telling you a little more about where the donation made on your behalf went.


The Good Fight Launch

Changemaker Charity

The Marmalade Trust

Model Used

Watch To Donate

It was great to be one of the first charities to benefit from The Good Fight's innovative Watch To Donate campaign model.
It's a fantastic new way for charities to bolster their corporate fundraising efforts digitally, which is especially important given the impacts of Covid-19 on charitable fundraising.
We not only received a donation of £500 but also got to speak directly to the community that unlocked donations via retargeted video to raise awareness about our work and where the donation will be spent.
We're excited to work with The Good Fight moving forward!

Amy PerrinCEO & Founder, The Marmalade Trust

The Campaign Videos

Using The Good Fight Watch To Donate model, we engaged our audience and provided value for their time by making donations on their behalf. 

Initial Watch To Donate Campaign

This video was delivered in a Facebook video awareness campaign to The Good Fight audiences. For each unique view over 15 seconds, a donation was unlocked by the viewer.

Thank You & Legitimacy Loop

Watch To Donate campaigns include by default a ‘legitimacy loop’ which includes a retargeted video to the viewers that engaged with the video for longer than 15 seconds.

We were thrilled to utilise our first campaign to support a local charity doing incredible work to raise awareness and combat loneliness in our communities.
During the pandemic, loneliness and a lack of human connection has hit us all in one way or another; whether that’s ourselves or knowing a family member, friend or neighbour might be experiencing isolation.
This issue stretches further than the pandemic, but is also massively exacerbated by it. Charities like the Marmalade Trust care for our communities and lonely people in them even when we get back to normal.
We chose this charity to support with this campaign to alleviate some of the impacts of loneliness, raise awareness for the importance of connection as humans and support The Marmalade Trust in their continued and tireless efforts.

Nic TelfordCEO & Co-Founder, The Good Fight

Watch To Donate is a new advertising model that marries campaigns with corporate fundraising.

Bringing advertising and charity together with donation-led campaigns.

Looking to be a part of the movement?