The Good Fight Co Founder Nic Telford will be taking on the Ration Challenge from September 29th – October 5th.

For 7 days, along with some friends, Nic will eat the rations that refugees are provided with all year round.

We are raising money for Concern Worldwide, and any donations will help provide emergency food, hygiene kits and life-saving support to refugees as well as supporting Concern’s wider work of ending hunger and extreme poverty in the world’s poorest places.

Please support Nic’s efforts with donations if you can. Thank you! 

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Why we're doing this

According to Concern Worldwide, there are now almost 80M people around the world who’ve been forced to flee their homes because of conflict or disaster – the most on record.

That’s more than the entire population of the UK.

Amnesty International estimate there are currently 26M refugees globally – half of whom are children.

85% of these refugees are being hosted in developing countries…

The UNHCR estimate at the end of 2018 there were 126,720 refugees in the UK (compared with 1.06M in Germany).

Whilst the UK government does support refugees, they don’t do nearly enough.

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Recognising our privilege

On a global scale, UK citizens have inescapable privilege (we appreciate it varies massively within the UK), so we feel that we should use our platform of privilege to try and help those suffering at the hands of persecution, war, hunger & climate change.

Before being forced to flee, refugees may experience imprisonment, torture, loss of property, malnutrition, physical assault, extreme fear, rape and loss of livelihood. The flight process can last days or years. During flight, refugees are frequently separated from family members, robbed, forced to inflict pain or kill, witness torture or killing, and/or lose close family members or friends and endure extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Framing our week of fasting/ limited diet against these extreme realities shows how little we’ll be sacrificing in comparison – but hopefully by completing this challenge and fundraising, we’ll be able to negate some of their suffering.

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What we will eat

During this week we’ll eat the following –

⁃ Rice 1.92kg
⁃ Plain flour 400g
⁃ Lentils 170g
⁃ Dried chickpeas 85g
⁃ Tofu 120g
⁃ Tinned kidney beans 400g
⁃ Vegetable oil 330ml

Our average daily calorie intake will be c.1738 kcal/day (below the Sphere Minimum Standard & daily recommended calorie intake).

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