The Good Fight are delighted to have partnered with Royal Bank of Scotland (via Natwest) on the Entrepreneur Experience Project to undertake a brand reputation study.

The project includes the secondment of an RBS graduate to The Good Fight for 3 months on a part-time basis.

The Good Fight are delighted to have been paired with Sandra Blaga, who is based in Jersey and has research experience.

The study seeks to further understand the relationship between business-charity alignment and the impact on the public’s perception of the business’ brand.

We know that our concept and model will make a huge impact on how purposeful businesses do their advertising moving forward, but it is imperative to us that we have the data to back it up.

So, we’re delighted to have partnered with RBS and Sandra to undertake this study over the coming months.

Nicola TelfordCEO, The Good Fight

The Good Fight’s Watch To Donate model has been tested from a practical perspective and it has demonstrated an increase in average video play time and a decrease in video cost per view.

Businesses that engage in charitable giving and social good are typically more positively perceived than those that don’t. We believe that the same positivity is produced by the Watch to Donate model and this study seeks to further test this viewpoint.

Furthermore, the study will seek to take a deeper look into what The Good Fight likes to call the ‘legitimacy loop’.

The Watch To Donate model is built around the idea that it is not only important for the donation to be made, but for users to be told where that donation has gone and what it will achieve. Currently, we do this via a retargeted video to the users that have unlocked the donation from the charity.

The study therefore seeks to test the following hypotheses:

  1. The Watch to Donate model stimulates a stronger positive brand perception than traditional advertising.
  2. The retargeting phase of the Watch to Donate model stimulates a stronger positive brand perception than Watch to Donate alone.

The brand reputation study will be completed by the close of 2020; in line with The Good Fight’s goal to be enabling businesses at large to put their values into action with donation led marketing campaigns from January 2021.

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