Watch To Donate

Watch To Donate is a video advertising campaign model with a difference. For every view over 15 seconds, your audience unlocks a donation to your Change Maker Charity. You engage your audience and give back to the causes you care about: it’s a win for everyone.

How Does It Work?

It’s a win for everyone.


Audience Engagement

People opt to watch your advert in exchange for a free donation.

Meaningful Engagement

The audience gives the advertiser their attention for at least 15 seconds.


The advertiser donates the agreed amount for each engagement at increments through the campaign.

Say Thank You

The chosen charity & business team up to say thank you to each viewer that unlocked the donation in a second video.

Advertising Goals

Are Compatible

With Doing Good

Average Video Play Time

We’ve found your audience will watch your video campaign for much longer (28 seconds on average) when using our Watch To Donate advertising model.

No Donation

With Donation

Video Views To The End

On average, your audience are 8x more likely to watch your video to the end when engaging with a Watch To Donate advertising campaign.


more likely to watch your video to the end

Video Views To 25% (15 seconds)

Nearly all of the audiences watch our video campaigns to 25% in comparison to less than half without a donation.

No Donation


With Donation


Video Advertising

That Gives Back

Donate each 15 second video view

A small donation is made by our Partners In Change for every view over 15 seconds on their Watch To Donate advertising campaigns with The Good Fight.

Improve your audience engagement

90% of users find ads annoying, so let’s make it better for the people engaging with them. We’ve found audiences are 8x more likely to watch your video to the end!

Tangible corporate fundraising

Bake sales don’t cut it anymore. Watch To Donate is a win for everyone as you can make donations whilst also meeting your campaign goals.

Improve your reputation

84% of consumers think it’s important that businesses support charities. Our Watch To Donate campaigns let your audience be a part of that; they’ll love you for it.

Empower users seeking better

Because you’re here, you must be in the business of making change. In which case, your audience probably is too. Give them the power to engage with something good.

Do social good

We are seeing a change towards responsible business that gives back to our communities; if you aren’t taking action for social good, you’ll be left behind.

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